6 Reasons Your Skin Breaks Out When You Travel (And What to Do)

The changes you encounter during travel can have a big effect on your skin. You need to plan carefully if you want to avoid breaking out on your trip.

Learn How to Avoid Six Causes of Travel-Related Acne

Almost every time we travel, a nasty pimple or two always seems to appear. It turns out that travel can cause acne due to the following six reasons.

  1. Sudden Climate Changes

Your skin and CBD skin care routine are typically tailored to your everyday climate. When you switch climates, you can end up with extra oil or flaky skin. Try to adjust your CBD moisturizer levels to your current climate, and add a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cream to fight off any pimples.

  1. Dry Air on Planes

Acne gets worse after flying because the air on planes is abnormally dry. Your body ramps up oil production to combat the dryness, and you end up with acne. Gently apply a thick layer of CBD skin cream on right before you get on the plane to combat this issue.

  1. Stressful Situations

Travel often comes with many quick moments of stress, and these tend to make your body produce more cortisol. This stress hormone increases oil production and causes pimples. Try to stay calm and use a pimple treatment cream as soon as any acne appears.

  1. Unhealthy Diets

Most people splurge on treats when they travel, and this increase in sugar and dairy can be somewhat bad for your skin. Unfortunately, there's no magical CBD lotion or soap that will fix this issue. The only way to avoid it is by eating healthy.

  1. Sunburns Damage Skin

When you get a sunburn, your skin becomes inflamed. This boost in inflammation can actually worsen your breakouts and increase scarring from acne. To prevent burns from happening in the first place, be sure to use a CBD sunscreen as part of your skin care routine.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Whether your sleep loss is from jet lag or late-night parties, it can be very bad for your skin. Be sure to use a soothing eye cream to combat the puffiness and redness from lack of sleep.

Now that you know a little more about why your skin acts up every time you travel, you can take the proper steps to avoid acne and enjoy flawless skin in all your vacation photos.

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