This is Nature's Cure for Aging

Infusing your face and body with an inner glow isn't a mystery. Our CBD products can help your skin look and feel younger.

Modern, Natural Skin Care for the Discerning Face

The power of using natural ingredients for health and healing dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Without the complications of modern overthinking, our ancestors relied on the abundant oils and botanical ingredients that grew around them to promote a foundation for supple, unlined skin that glowed. We've taken some of that wisdom, combined it with contemporary knowledge of skin's properties, and developed a CBD skin care line that we believe is nature's cure for aging.

Protection Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Pampering


The basis for our skin care products is a proprietary formulation of hemp-based HC56Complex™ to synthesize our organic CBD skin cream and other products. This basic foundation of cannabidiol oil (CBD) is bolstered by botanical ingredients like orchid and is enhanced by naturally occurring minerals contained in plants like algae and seaweed.


CBD oil is a high-quality byproduct of hemp with a range of beneficial properties. These elements make our broad-spectrum SPF organic CBD sunscreen light and elegant without feeling greasy or losing effectiveness. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is only the first line of defense against aging. Organic CBD moisturizer and CBD lotion keep it dewy and glowing. Best of all, our products are completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Multi-Tasking Never Felt So Elegant


The secret to living the BB lifestyle is simplicity, and it begins with our ingredients. The properties of organic CBD oil allow it to penetrate deep into the skin, providing a natural moisture barrier that fosters suppleness and elasticity. It naturally contains essential fatty acids like Omega 6, Omega 3 alpha, and Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) as well as high levels of vitamin E.


These essential elements occur in the ideal ratio to reduce the appearance of fine lines and reverse sun damage. The antioxidant properties and balance of linoleic and oleic acids are crucial to skin health and rejuvenation. With regular use, any type of skin will be nourished, restored, and renewed beyond the surface level. Our combined ingredients also reduced inflammation and soothe conditions like eczema and acne, and they regulate oil production.


Beautiful skin doesn't need to be complicated. When you're looking for nourishing skin care with a conscience, we've found the right formulation. Our organic CBD skin care lines allow you to feel as good as they make you look.

“I created BB Lifestyle to inspire others to enjoy their life by taking care of their health, inside and out, while using products that will give the best results possible.”